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#52723 IR US Flag Patch, LH


#52759 U.S. Flag Patch, IR Reflective


#52767 U.S. Flag Patch, IR Reflective


#52779 U.S. Flag Patch, IR Reflective


#1-52734 IR/LUM REV Combo Patch


#56895 Combo Call Sign Patch


#52726 IR Reflective Combo Patch


#52728 IR Reflective Patch


#52724 IR US Flag Patch, RH


#52821 Special Forces Patch


#52736 IR Identification Patch


#52735 IR/Luminous ID Patch


#52806 IR Blood Group Patch


#52696 Special Forces Flag Patch


#52745 Helmet Call Sign Patch


#52744 Combo Patch


#1-52794 IR/Lum Rev Patch


#1-52785 IR/Lum Call Sign Patch


#1-52771 IR/Lum Combo Patch


#52770 IR Reflective Combo Patch


#52678 IR Reflective Call Sign Patch


#52725 Luminous Combo Patch


#1-52743 US Large Flag Patch, IR/LUM


#56893 Call Sign Patch


#52727 Luminous Patch


#0-52799 Gen III Reversable Patch


#52809 Law Enforcement Patch


#56859 Name Tape, Hook Back


#56857 Branch Tape, Hook


#1-52729 IR/LUM Cloth Patch


#52748 Multicolor Patch, Luminous


#1-52732 IR/LUM Combo Cloth Patch


#1-52733 IR/LUM REV Cloth Patch


#52741 Large US Forward Flag Patch, IR


#1-52740 US Large Flag Patch, IR/LUM


#52758 U.S. Flag Patch, IR Reflective




We want to earn your business so you become a repeat customer. This is how we have stayed in business for over forty three years. To better serve our customers we have a great "MILITARY STORE" that specializes in high quality military, law enforcement & special operations gear. We do not carry the cheap import tactical gear. The store is located 5 minutes from Ft. Bragg, N.C. at 664 Country Club Drive. We are located at the intersection of Rosehill Road and Country Club Drive right next to the Food Lion Grocery store. Our store is separate from the Food Lion building on the right side. Cant miss the "TACTICAL GEAR" sign and the American flags on the front of the building. We display them every day. If the flags are out, we are open.


  • Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Hours: Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Toll free number: 800-878-0371
  • Local phone number: 910-488-2255
  • Fax number: 910-488-1378
  • Website: www.awsin.com
  • Email: awsin1@nc.rr.com

  • Customer Service: Casandra Denekamp


  • Cash: US Currency only
  • Credit Cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • Other Methods: Money order, Bank wire transfer
  • Commercial accounts: Net 30 terms
  • US Govt/Military: Net 30 w/Purchase Order, IMPAC card, EFT
  • Dealers: Net 30 w/tax exempt certificate on file
  • Our sore is filled with all the latest in tactical gear that we manufacture. We also carry body armor, contractor clothing, hats, caps, gloves, sleeping bags, climbing & rapelling gear, watches, eye protection, IR patches, awards & decorations, sniper gear, weapons cleaning kits & supplies, gun cases, map cases, safety lanyards, belts, SPIE harnesses, FAST & SPIE ropes, flashlights, lightsticks, batteries, survival gear, hard cases, soft cases, CQB vests, medical vests, weapon accessories, slings, NVG mounts, belts, backpacks, gear bags, medical bags, CASEVAC gear, and the list goes on and on. Need to see it to believe it! Whether you need an SOR filled right away or just need a ribbon, we have it all. More importantly we appreciate all sales, large or small and want to earn your business


    We specialize in providing military units with the various supplies, equipment, parts and commercial products needed for everyday operations or for deployments. Filling your SOR's is our specialty! Because of our competitive prices we can save you money making your limited funds go further by buying more for less!

  • Need gear and cannot find it?
  • Don't have the time to research it?
  • Don't have the time to drive around town?
  • Don't have time to call three vendors?
  • Don't have time to look on the website?
  • Don't have the time to pick it up?
  • Just call our experienced sales staff with your needs, fax or email your list and we will locate the items, provide you with price and delivery and return the list for your review. Once you approve the purchase we will deliver your order to you if you cannot come and get it ...... no charge for local delivery. We make it simple and easy to shop.


    Your complete one stop shop when you need gear now and can't wait. We can outfit one operator or a complete team. We carry a full line of body armor vests, CQB vests & complete vest packages IN STOCK, soft pads & hard plates, helmets, holsters, MOLLE gear, knives, watches, eyewear, boots, clothing, hats, caps, belts, ballistic blankets, scopes, weapons accessories, packs, "undercover" & "lo vis" specialty gear, night vision devices, flashlights etc. We have all the gear you need for your mission. Stop by and see our large selection of gear.

    Use our "call ahead" service if you are in a hurry, just call the store order what you need and we will have it ready for you when you stop by. If you are a military unit and don't have the time to come to the store to pickup your order? No problem - we will deliver your order.

  • Shop in person.
  • Order on-line thru website.
  • "Call Ahead" order.
  • Email your order.
  • Please visit our store and see what we have to offer you, the latest in products, friendly staff and a customer oriented atmosphere. A place you can bring your mother, wife and children to shop!

    Click on "Details" for further information.

    Our store has the widest assortment of military & special operations gear and clothing in stock. Our stock changes each day, we are constantly adding to our inventory to better serve you and your equipment needs.

    Our manufacturing facility builds aircraft assault ladders, CQB ladders, web & caving ladders, assault hooks, collapsing breaching tools, door rams, sledge hammers, pioneer tools, plus many other related products.

    We also manufacture a WIDE VARIETY of call sign/IFF patches. Luminous, IR, IR/Lumunious, embroidered, are just a small sample. We can manufacture your individual call sign or a bulk order for units. All of our patches are high quality, MILSPEC and very affordable.

    Our wide selection foreign jump wings is extensive. With all of the airborne operations and deployments here at Fort Bragg, the demand for foreign jump wings is high. Stop by and see what we have or order on line.

    Our goal is to support the warfighter to stay in the fight. We provide high quality products at reasonable prices. You buy factory direct, we have no dealers or distributors so the savings are passed on to you.

    Price: Call For Pricing

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    664 Country Club Drive
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    Toll Free: (833) 843-0170
    Phone: (910) 488-2255
    Fax: (910) 488-1378


    #1-50481 Uni-Mag Rifle Pouch


    #2-52038 M4 Single Kangaroo Pouch


    #2-52099 M4 Double Kangaroo Pouch


    #3-52088 M4 Triple Kangaroo Pouch


    #50451 M16/M4 Two Mag Tiered Pouch, MOLLE


    #50488 "Hot Mag"Pouch Set


    #1-50326 Universal Mag Pouch (10% off sale!)


    #1-50323 M9 One Mag Pouch, MOLLE


    #2-50322 M9 Two Mag Pouch, MOLLE


    #4-50321 M9 Three Mag Pouch, MOLLE


    #50523 6 RND Shell Holder


    #1-50482 Uni-Mag Pistol Pouch


    #51957 12GA Bandoleer Pouch, MOLLE


    #52942 6 RND Shell Holder, MOLLE


    #50446 First-Aid Pouch, MOLLE


    #50347 Gas Mask Pouch


    #52985 Grenade Bandoleer


    #52193 40mm Bandoleer


    #52192 Shotgun Bandoleer


    #52191 Combo Bandoleer


    #1-54966 PRC-152 Radio Pouch


    #1-54968 PRC-154 Rifleman Radio Pouch


    #1-50485 Multicolor Pistol Pouch


    #T73008 DAGR Radio Pouch


    #T73012 PRQ-7 Radio Pouch


    #50381 Small Blow Out Pouch


    #50383 Combat Lifesaver Pouch, MOLLE


    #50378 Lo-Vis Blow Out Pouch


    #52376 M249 SAW 100rnd Soft Pack


    #0-52578 Wrist Compass


    #1-50486 Multicolor Rifle Pouch (10% off sale!)


    #1-50847 M4 Pocket Pouch


    #1-50846 SR25 Pocket Pouch


    #1-51729 M4 Single Stack Mag Pouch


    #1-51730 M4 Double Stack Mag Pouch


    #2-51727 M4 Triple Stack Mag Pouch